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George & Son Chimney Sweep

About George & Son Chimney Sweep
After 35 years as an engineer I decided it was time for a change & be my own boss.
Always up for a challenge, I decided to train as a ch
imney sweep & become OFTEC approved.

Have you considered having a log burner installed? We are fully qualified for installations with the full backing of OFTEC.
My son Samuel has always been there with a helping hand & has become adept at holding ladders!

We are centrally located between Great Dunmow, Harlow & Chelmsford so are well placed to cover Essex, Hertfordshire, London & Cambridgeshire.

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A few of our installations

Professional Services

We offer a wide range of services:

Installation of multi fuel & log burners

Bird cowls

Chimney pots


CCTV inspection

Reflaunching & pointing brickwork

Full refurbishment of your fire place & log burner installations. 

Sweep prices start from just £60 for a log burner / open fire

Chimney cowls start from just £200

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The 3 Stages of soot

Soot / creosote can cause poor chimney performance and even lead to a chimney fire if left untreated. What many may not know are the different stages of creosote build-up and how it can impact their chimney's performance . If you haven’t had your chimney swept in a while, there’s likely more going on inside your chimney than a light coating of creosote and soot. Knowing the different stages of creosote build-up will help you further understand what a chimney sweep does. Here are the different stages of creosote build-up.


STAGE 1: Dust-Like Coating  

Creosote is a by-product of burning wood in your fireplace. There’s no way around it. The first warning sign is a dusty soot coating the inside of your chimney. While this level of creosote isn’t necessarily dangerous, it’s important to act in a timely manner to have it removed. A chimney sweep will remove this level of creosote build-up easily.


STAGE 2: Tar-Like or Crunchy Flakes

The second stage of creosote build-up can look like tar flakes and this is when creosote build-up starts to become a concern. If you have this level of build-up inside your chimney, it will take a little more effort to remove it. In many cases, the chimney sweep may use a special rotary chimney cleaner power tool to ensure all the stubborn build-up is removed.

STAGE 3: Thick Bubbling Coating

The final stage of creosote build-up looks like a thick bubbling coating of tar in the chimney. It can even look like it’s dripping down the sides of the chimney. This is because as it heats up, the creosote can actually melt into a wax-like state. This thick coating can cause a fire to occur inside the chimney. A chimney sweep will have the necessary tools to remove this level of build-up. It’s smarter, safer, and cheaper to have your chimney swept well before creosote build-up reaches this point. 

Terms & Conditions

Please Read Carefully

By booking George & Son Chimney Sweep you agree to the terms and conditions.

Cancellation fee – £50: We understand that our customers have busy lives too. If you have to change or cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible. We have allocated time in our day specifically for you and late notice cancellation may mean we cannot rebook a replacement. We may have turned away other customers if we have a full day. We reserve the right to charge in the event of a last-minute cancellation, (less than a full 24 hours notice).

Inspection Fee – £40: In the event of being unable to sweep an appliance due to access issues, inappropriate installation or other hazards present, we reserve the right to charge a standard £40 inspection fee. This will include bespoke advice on the nature of the fault(s), suggested remedial actions and, where relevant, completion of appropriate documentation. 

Missed Appointment Fee – £50: A call out fee of £50 will be applied if, upon arriving at an appointment, we are unable to gain access to a property for any reason. To reschedule or cancel appointments, please call 07791 604347 by noon the day beforehand.

Gas Fires – Some gas fires require disconnection before a flue serving a gas appliance can be swept. This must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer and is to be arranged by the customer at their own cost.

Preparation for the sweeping appointment: Appliances must not be used at all in the 24 hours leading up to an appointment. Please remove any ash/debris/other items from the fire grate so it is clear. We require a space of around 6ft in front of the fireplace, so please move any coffee tables/furniture and items from the hearth.

Payment is due at the end of each appointment. Cash or bank transfer payments are accepted.


Your chimney will be inspected by a professional chimney sweep.

All services are carried out in good faith; brief visual inspections are carried out of the appliance and chimney, but due to the concealed nature of chimneys and associated appliances, information should not be relied upon as a guarantee that the appliance and/or chimney are safe and/or free of faults or issues related to age, misuse, or poor installation.

The chimney sweep will assume unless otherwise told by the homeowner or the person allowing him/her entry into the property that the appliance is correctly and safely installed and is in a fit state to be swept.

If a fault occurs during sweeping, this is not the fault of the sweep; for a chimney and items connected to the installation to be considered fit for use, it must be in such condition that it can be safely cleaned and tested. If damage is caused during sweeping, this suggests an underlying fault which simply was exposed by the sweeping process.

(i.e if a chimney cowl falls off during the sweep then the cowl wasn’t fitted correctly in the first place -this isn’t the responsibility of the sweep).

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